PR Publicity

With the acceleration of the present day’s Information streams, all business is subject to scrutinize the way it deals with its own development.  Product, service and talent are all requiring more and better quality publicity that seems so aloof. PR has found itself with needed change as it found social media growing exponentially.

Many Arts industries have been going through some its own transformations.  Self Publishing and Publishing have boomed with the onset of POD (much to its detriment); Public Relations is being re-written with the technology and social media blitz that has been happening.  The Film industry was one of the firsts’ to start the sequence of events with cable television, Video and independent films changing its routine.

These industries have been lately overlapping each other and few seem to have a handle on their own as they used to have; more importantly no one appears to cross boundaries along with the overlapping factors in constant effect.

VerveStar is a PR company that specializes in Film development, Communications and Publicity.  In Publicity, we are focusing particularly on book promotions; our publicity includes the Publishing of our titles.  A Publicity based approach better serves a book campaign then typical Publishing means.  Publicity is our first priority, and while being in control of the publishing aspect, we will be giving paramount attention to the Publishing details on each of our titles; we consider the publishing of the book itself a critical step in the overall publicity of its campaign.

As a PR company that uses Publicity to spearhead book-to-film Film Publicity campaigns, we are in a favorable arrangement to bring our titles to top markets both in the literary and theatre industries, cross branding projects as we do.